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An exercise in developing new channels of revenue

About the Project

A case-study following a beta trial of the Alfi Oloo's Self-directed learning framwork, piloted with South African Design studio Jack. The case study cover’s the core activities, and a high level overview of the approach.


Jack Studios


Software Design


Design Mentorship


2 months

Background & Challenge

Jack Studios, celebrated for its dynamic vitality and pioneering methods, encountered a significant hurdle: synchronizing the vision of its founder, Sabeeha, with the team's varied ambitions and objectives.

The studio set a clear goal: to develop a learning experience that would bridge the gap between Sabeeha's vision and the team's intrinsic motivation, encouraging everyone to work towards a shared future.

Goal: between Sabeeha's vision and the team's intrinsic motivation

The Catalyst for Change

The change began with an important realisation: for Jack Studios to succeed, the team needed to look beyond daily tasks and unite around a common vision. This required understanding Sabeeha's reasons for starting the studio and getting to know the personal aspirations of each team member.

Stage One: Uncovering Motivations

The first step was to foster an open conversation between Sabeeha and the team. Through a series of discussions and activities, we aimed to peel back the layers of individual motivations and weave them into the fabric of Jack Studios' mission.

Sabeeha shared the dream that sparked the creation of the studio—a dream of innovation and impact. Meanwhile, team members explored their personal and professional journeys. This stage was crucial for establishing a common ground—a collective understanding of why they were all here.

Stage Two: From Vision to Action

With a clearer understanding of what drove the studio, the next challenge was making the vision actionable. Here, the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework became our compass. Working closely with Sabeeha, we translated the lofty vision into specific, measurable goals that every team member could contribute to. This exercise was not just about setting targets; it was about showing each person how their daily work fit into the larger picture of what Jack Studios aspired to achieve.

Defining Roles in the Present and Future

As clarity around the vision and objectives grew, attention shifted to the roles within Jack Studios. It was time for every member to articulate their place in the studio's ecosystem.

Through a mix of self-reflection and collaborative discussions, we mapped out the current roles and how they contributed to the studio's workflow. This process illuminated the gaps between present responsibilities and future needs, setting the stage for the next phase of our journey.

Stage Three: Strategic Forecasting

Armed with a shared vision and a deep understanding of their roles, the team was ready to look ahead. The leaders and members of Jack Studios embarked on a strategic forecasting exercise, envisioning the future of the business and their careers.

This stage was characterized by a dynamic exchange of ideas, where insights about day-to-day operations met with long-term organizational needs. Together, they identified new business model opportunities and sketched out potential growth paths that aligned with both individual aspirations and the studio's overarching goals.

Jack Studio

Through open dialogue, strategic planning, and a commitment to personal growth, the studio has forged a future that excites and motivates everyone involved. Jack Studios is not just a place of work; it's a community united by a common goal—to create, innovate, and make an impact in the world

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