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About the Project

Explore the Campfire-Umuzi collaboration in web design for musicians Ganja Beatz & Ava Like Lava. This case study delves into student-led design, client engagement, and innovative solutions in a real-world project setting


Ganja Beatz


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3 weeks

This case study focuses on a collaborative project between Campfire, a practicing professional entity guiding students, and Umuzi, an organization committed to addressing youth unemployment through high-value tech and creative career training.

The Design Challenge

The challenge was to design a responsive website for two distinct musical artists, Ganja Beatz. This project aimed to encapsulate the artists' unique styles while ensuring functionality, user-friendliness, and a strong online presence. The task included creating key website features such as performance dates, discography, an about section, and e-commerce capabilities, alongside supporting materials like images and videos.

The project was approached with a focus on real-world client engagement, crucial for the training of Umuzi's students. The process was divided into three sprints:

Sprint 1 - Research and Empathise:

This phase involved in-depth research and understanding of the target market, creation of user personas, and competitor analysis. It set the foundation for a user-centric design.

Sprint 2 - Ideation and Usability Testing:

This stage focused on creating low-fidelity solutions and conducting usability tests. High-fidelity wireframes were developed, along with the website's information architecture.

Sprint 3 - Crafting

The final sprint was dedicated to refining the design and content. This included developing a style guide, finalizing design mockups, and creating prototypes.

This case study highlights the symbiotic relationship between web designers and musicians in creating a comprehensive digital experience. The project underlined the benefits of having real clients in training scenarios, offering Umuzi's students a practical, hands-on learning experience.

This collaboration not only enhanced the online presence of the artists but also provided invaluable industry exposure to the students, aligning with Umuzi's mission of enabling youth to access high-value tech and creative careers. The success of this project demonstrates the effectiveness of practical, project-based learning in bridging the gap between talent and opportunity in South Africa's challenging employment landscape.

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